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Standard Needles
Needle Holders

Daisy Needle Holders
Introducing the most complete needleholder system EVER! Another "first" from the innovators at Precision Electrolysis! We are proud to offer the new "DAISY", made to fit your epilator.

UniProbe Lite
The perfect epilator for a student, a start up practice or a backup in an existing practice. An automatically timed thermolysis machine, the Autoblend Lite offers a complete turnkey solution for an electrolysis practice at the lowest price on the market.

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Standard Needles
Precision Electrolysis also offers a full line of standard two-piece electrolysis needles including sterile disposables, non-disposable, teflon coated and insulated needles. Precision Disposables
We have been manufacturing the highest quality epilation needles for over 40 years. Throughout the 60's and early 70's we were the Ferrie Manufacturing Company and all needles were hand made. With our Ferrie needles we coined the phrase "F" shank.("F" representing Ferrie - a standard .050 inch diameter shank) In 1974 we were the first company to produce two-piece needles fully automatically and in the 1980's we supplied the needles for the world's first sterile disposable epilation needle.

Precision needles have been used in every corner of the world by generations of electrologists. From hand made needles to Uni-Probe, Precision Electrolysis remains the industry leader.

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