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Daisy Needle Holders
Introducing the most complete needleholder system EVER! Another "first" from the innovators at Precision Electrolysis! We are proud to offer the new "DAISY", made to fit your epilator.

UniProbe Lite
The perfect epilator for a student, a start up practice or a backup in an existing practice. An automatically timed thermolysis machine, the Autoblend Lite offers a complete turnkey solution for an electrolysis practice at the lowest price on the market.

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Daisy Needle Holders

The most complete needleholder system ever. Another "first" from the innovators at Precision Electrolysis Inc. We are proud to offer the new "DAISY", made to fit your epilator. Never before has a needleholder system offered you so many options. Daisy, will simplify and enhance your treatments. Daisy, is made to fit 99% of all Epilators. Users can choose the connector to fit their Epilator and then pick one or more Daisy handpieces.
Features Include:
  • Can be used with any needle and your Epilator.
  • Handpieces are interchangeable and attach to the low cost cord with swivel connector.
  • Handpieces are manufactured with a solid metal core, making them virtually indestructible.
  • Handpieces are manufactured with our exclusive "Antibacterial" plastic.
  • Stylus handpieces offer the most comfortable grip in the business.
  • Regular, Petite, and Mini Handpieces.
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