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Standard Needles
Needle Holders

Daisy Needle Holders
Introducing the most complete needleholder system EVER! Another "first" from the innovators at Precision Electrolysis! We are proud to offer the new "DAISY", made to fit your epilator.

UniProbe Lite
The perfect epilator for a student, a start up practice or a backup in an existing practice. An automatically timed thermolysis machine, the Autoblend Lite offers a complete turnkey solution for an electrolysis practice at the lowest price on the market.

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electricSpa.com (Web Only) -
Prestige Electrolysis Supply (WI) 1-800-783-7403 www.prestigeelec.com
The Instantron Company (RI) 1-800-866-6141 www.instantron.com
Texas Electrolysis Supply (TX) 1-800-626-6025 www.texaselectrolysissupply.com

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Esthetique Et Electrolyse (Que) 1-800-668-6080 -
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Tapeography(Ont) 1-800-421-3752 www.tapeography.ca

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Jambel (Portugal) - www.jambel.com
Den Alternative Kosmetologskole (DE) - www.den-alternative-kosmetologskole.dk
Salons Direct Ltd. (UK) - www.salonsdirect.co.uk
Biomak (PL) - www.biomak.pl

Pacific Rim
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Aesthetics Importing (N.Z.) 64-366-5037 http://www.nasa.co.nz/ai/main.htm
Coronet Enterprise Ltd.(HK) 2526-0869 cheryl@IOHK.com

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Beauty Tech 2000 (SA) n/a btech@mweb.co.za

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Cambridge Sch. of Beauty Therapy (UK) - Beauty@Dial.pipex.com
Meharg Int. Sch. of Elect. (CAN) - www.mehargelectrolysis.com

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