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Daisy Needle Holders
Introducing the most complete needleholder system EVER! Another "first" from the innovators at Precision Electrolysis! We are proud to offer the new "DAISY", made to fit your epilator.

UniProbe Lite
The perfect epilator for a student, a start up practice or a backup in an existing practice. An automatically timed thermolysis machine, the Autoblend Lite offers a complete turnkey solution for an electrolysis practice at the lowest price on the market.

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Precision Electrolysis Inc.

Uniprobe.com is the home of Precision Electrolysis Inc., the largest US manufacturer of electrolysis needles and needle holders. Our goal at Precision is to provide the most innovative line of electrolysis products on the market. Our focus is on quality, customer service, and cost effectiveness. UniProbe
The cornerstone of the Precision line of products is UniProbe, the world's safest electrolysis needle. UniProbe is the only patented electrolysis probe marketed worldwide. UniProbe is unique in that it eliminates the need for needle holder caps, a distinction that sets it apart from other electrolysis systems.

Watch the video below to see how Uni-Probe works.
At Precision we pride ourselves on the development and implementation of many of the industry's breakthrough products which, over the years, have provided electrolysis professionals with better and more effective ways to work. If there is a better way for you to practice electrolysis, you can be certain Precision Electrolysis is working to develop it.

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